crypto index fund
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What's the big idea?

elog is a dynamic crypto index fund based on your risk setting.
  • Cool stuff:
    • Choose your risk level and let elog do the rest — diversify, rebalance, optimize trading fees, ..., all of that labor is on elog.
    • Use auto-trading and relax.
    • Don't waste your time managing your cash to swap/trade cryptos; it's easy for elog.
    • Save up to 25% on your trading fees.
    • elog is completely free right now. (Your exchange will still charge you small trading fees.)
    • Energy consumption and ESG index (in development)
  • Exchanges supported:
    1. Binance.us
    2. Coinbase Pro (almost ready)
    3. Gemini (soon)
    4. (More in the future)

Questions for Ben

Ben Johns is a really busy guy. He is at UMD as a senior in Materials Science & Engineering. He is also the #1 ranked pickleball player in the world. Folks seem to have a lot of questions for Ben, such as why he would want to start up his own cryptocurrency business.
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Try it out

We welcome you to try out our product. The setup is a nice experience. The only hitch, which is necessary, is getting you to create your API keys on the website where you have registered with a cryptocurrency exchange. That can take a few minutes. After that, the average amount of time to be completely up and running is less than 5 minutes.
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Developers can use elog too. Check out our API.

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