The simplest app on the web.
"email is for communicating with others.
 elog is for communicating with yourself."
Spend a lot of time online?  Imagine having the ability to seamlessly:
  • Jot down whatever comes to mind
  • Collect useful websites
  • Capture content from any website
  • Perform all of the above without losing your groove!
Your elog is essentially just an online text file (think "notepad") that is accessible from anywhere and it is yours forever... seriously.
See example.
Yes, there is a bit of magic involved but you'll get over that soon enough.  After you get into it, we hope you'll be able to say "I get it".
If you prefer complex features, you should probably try something else.  There are tons of apps out there competing w/each other.

Still with us?  Okay, let's get you movin' then.
  1.   From any web-enabled computer, you can add a note to your elog as shown above.  Please go to your address bar now and enter your own note right after: elog.com/
    (You'll need to tell us who you are first but that's pretty quick.)
    We'll bring you right back to this page after your first note is entered.
    All done?  You may be thinking, hey, where's my note?  We'll show you in a minute; please sit tight and forge ahead.
  2. +elog Drag this to your browser toolbar (where your main favorites/bookmarks are). If your browser does not allow you to drag it or you can't see where to drag it, click here.
    All set?  Now, from any site on the web, you can easily add notes, favorites, and content to your elog.
  3. You can also send text messages directly to your elog.  When you're on-the-go, this is really convenient for sending yourself a quick reminder.  Just click on that little phone to register your cell phone number first (you can do this later if you want).
  4. Finally, elog.com is where your elog is and always will be (notice there is no "www" before elog.com there).
    C'mon, you can remember that.  What else would we call it, anyway?

Why free?  Because nobody wants to pay for something that is this fundamental to the web.  Enjoy.

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